Practice Areas

Employment law

  • Whistleblower and retaliation cases, including Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd Frank and False Claims Act
  • Wrongful termination in violation of public policy
  • Discrimination and harassment, including gender, age, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, and pregnancy
  • Disability discrimination and failure to accommodate physical and mental disabilities
  • Family and medical leave
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Defamation claims

Nuclear Oversight

  • California Public Utilities Commission ratemaking proceedings
  • California Energy Commission Integrated Energy Policy Report process
  • California State Lands Commission seismic survey permits
  • California Water Resources Control Board once-through-cooling advisory committee
  • California Coastal Commission federal consistency review
  • California Independent System Operator transmission planning process


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We represent workers from all fields and income levels and California clients in nuclear regulatory proceedings