Employment Case Results

$1.764 million in damages and attorneys’ fees and costs in age discrimination case on behalf of a 70-year old employee who was terminated from her position as Dean of Mercy High School in San Francisco. Our client worked for Mercy High School for 45 years before her discriminatory termination. Kathy and Emily handled the month-long jury trial with co-counsel, P. Bobby Shukla.

$1.285 million awarded by Arbitrator for damages and attorneys’ fees in sexual harassment case on behalf of a female farm worker who was assaulted by her foreman while working for Reiter Berry Farms in the greater Monterey area. The Arbitrator also issued a two-year injunctive decree ordering Reiter Berry Farms to revamp and improve its training in best practices for conducting sexual harassment and retaliation investigations and preventing and remedying sexual harassment and retaliation in the agricultural work setting. Kathy and Emily handled the week-long arbitration.

$5.4 million awarded by Arbitrator, including $5 million in punitive damages, in whistleblower case on behalf of two former medical device sales representatives who worked for Masimo Corp. Kathy and Emily handled the two-week arbitration.

$1.87 million awarded by Arbitrator for damages and attorneys’ fees in gender discrimination and retaliation case on behalf of the only female engineer in an otherwise all-male engineering department of a major national corporation in the Central Valley. Kathy and Emily handled the case.

$2.4 million awarded by Arbitrator for damages and attorney’s fees in age discrimination case. Kathy represented two older sales representatives who were terminated within days of each other because the company said they did not fit the company’s “image.” With Kathy’s help, the highly experienced and award-winning employees proved their case for age discrimination.

$360,000 awarded and punitive damages in mental disability discrimination case. An Alameda County jury rendered a verdict in favor of a waitress who was fired just one day into her employment after the restaurant management learned she had a mental disability. Kathy tried the case and negotiated a confidential settlement before the punitive damages phase was completed.

$1.2 million awarded in jury verdict and attorneys’ fees in whistleblower and national origin discrimination case. A software engineer from China was fired after she complained that her high technology employer was violating U.S. immigration law by paying less than the prevailing wage to foreign workers on H1-B visas. Kathy tried the case in San Mateo County and won.

$27 million settlement for unpaid overtime in a case against the high technology giant, Siebel Systems, Inc., on behalf of a class of software engineers, many of whom were foreign nationals working under H1-B visas. The result was not only one of the largest class action settlements of its kind in the nation, but also one of the highest claims rates. Over 95% of the individual class members filed claims to receive their $25-50,000 share of the settlement.

$8.8 million class settlement on behalf of women claiming discrimination in pay and promotion. Kathy headed a team of attorneys who gathered evidence that Chevron was engaged in systemic discrimination against women when it came to pay and promotion. The case, which also involved claims of sexual harassment by four individual women (which settled for $2.3 million), is recognized as one of the earliest and most significant “glass ceiling” cases in the nation.

Additional six and seven figure settlements in Sarbanes-Oxley and other whistleblower actions, severance negotiations for public and private managers and employees, and other discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases. Appellate victories in both state and federal appellate courts.

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